The Greylands: One-Handed Melee Weapons

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A Loot Table for Your Every-Day-Mystical-Sci-fi-Cyberpunk-Post-apocalyptic World.

The Greylands Game Assets is a one-stop-shop for stylish and light art assets. This is a pack of thirteen 3d one-handed melee weapons suitable to any game set in a post-industrial modern world where magic and sci-fi co-exist. If your game needs weapons of murder, mayhem and arcane cultural references, then this asset pack is right for you. Package includes daggers, one-handed swords, axes, maces and a bonus starter shield.

Key Features

Low-Poly Stylised Realism: With hand-painted PBR textures and bold profiles, these low-poly weapons stand out as bad-ass items from a wide range of camera angles and distances.

The Colors of Magic: Magical weapons like Razorburn and Swift Blade come with a full range of classical elemental colors, arming your dystopian warriors with real-world magic.

Efficient UV Maps: All meshes come with efficient UV packing while maintaining a consistent mipmap density. Some weapons feature asymmetrical UV maps optimized for clear unique decals on either side.

Tech Specs

Number of textures: 117

Texture dimensions: 2048×2048

PBR texture maps: Albedo, Metallic, Normal, Height, AO, Emission

Mesh Polycount, Texures and Prefabs

13 meshes / 35 prefabs

RoughAxe01: 2,163 Verts; 4,297 Tris; 5 Textures; 1 Prefab.

Razorburn: 1,441 Verts; 2,894 Tris; 15 Textures; 5 Prefabs.

WorkHatchet01: 645 Verts; 1,286 Tris; 6 Textures; 1 Prefab.

Bat_Base01: 898 Verts; 1,792 Tris; 5 Textures; 1 Prefab.

CopBaton01: 222 Verts; 440 Tris; 5 Textures; 1 Prefab.

Hammerogg: 1,362; 2,730 Tris; 11 Textures; 6 Prefabs.

RoughDagger01: 417 Verts; 834 Tris; 5 Texures; 1 Prefab.

RoughDagger02: 789 Verts; 1,536 Tris; 6 Textures; 2 Prefabs.

Butterknife: 1,282 Verts; 2,456 Tris; 6 Textures; 1 Prefab.

Shield01: 2,272 Verts; 4,548 Tris; 19 Textures; 7 Prefabs.

SwiftBlade: 545 Verts; 1,086; 15 Textures; 5 Prefabs.

Enzo Gladius: 624 Verts; 1,244 Tris; 7 Textures; 2 Prefabs.

RazorTigermaw: 1,861 Verts, 3,714 Tris; 12 Textures; 2 Prefabs.

Minimum polygon count: 222 Verts; 440 Tris

Maximum polygon count: 2,272 Verts; 4,548 Tris

No Rigging

No Animation

UV mapped